Age 5-16

The childrens maktab at Madrasatul Haq has 2 sessions. The primary maktab is for students in year 1-6 and the secondary maktab is for students in year 7-11. The courses have been designed to teach children in an age appropriate manner, the correct islamic studies that is needed at their age. Along with islamic studies, students also learn to recite the Quran correctly with tajweed and also memorise essential surahs and duas.

Assembly (Year 1-6): The day starts with all students gathering in the main hall for assembly. A different teacher does assembly on different topics each weekend.
Lesson 1 – Arabic Reading: Students are grouped according to their levels. Each student is taught individually and allowed to progress at their own pace.
Lesson 2 – Arabic Handwriting: Students in the initial stages of Arabic reading also do handwriting to help develop their reading.
Lesson 3 – Memorisation: Students memorise Duas & Surahs which is appropriate for their age.
Lesson 4 – Islamic Studies (Year 1-8): Students are in classes according to their age and go through Safar Academy textbooks 1-8.
Year 9 & 11 students study separate books for Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tafsir and Hadith.

Qaidah: Level 1-13, Tajweed: Level 14-20, Juz ‘Amma, Quran
Memorisation: Essential Duas & Surahs Book 1 & 2
Islamic Studies: Safar Academy Book 1-8, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tafsir, Hadith

Year 1-6 – Saturday & Sunday 9AM to 12:10PM
Year 7-11 – Saturday 12:20PM to 3:50PM (Girls) / 12:30 to 4PM (Boys)

£25 one off enrolment fee
Year 1-6: £475 per year
Year 7-11: £400 per year

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