Arabic Language Course

Online or Onsite

If you ever wanted to understand what the imam is reading in Salah, understand the Quran while you recite it or understand books of hadith and other texts in Arabic, then this is the course for you. Starting from no understanding in the Arabic language, you will be able to understand basic Arabic sentences and many verses of the Quran after completing a few months of this course. Progress through the course to become masters in the Arabic language. This course also forms part of the first 2 years of the Advanced Islamic Studies course. After completing this course and the Essential Islamic Studies course, students can move straight into Year 3 of the Advanced Islamic Studies course.

The course is 3 days a week with the option to study in the morning or evening. Students will be assigned presentations to watch before each lesson and then during class the teacher will reinforce what was covered in the presentation with practical demonstrations and exercises. The theory that is covered in the presentations is then applied practically during the lessons.

The 3 main subjects that will be taught are Arabic Grammar (Nahw), Arabic Morphology (Sarf), Arabic Literature.
You will also have access, during the length of the course, to 40-50 hrs of pre-recorded material covering the above subjects. You can watch them as many times as needed. They are broken done, on average, into 30-40 min presentations.

Option 1 – Morning: Wednesday to Friday 10:20AM to 1:00PM
Option 2 – Evening: Wednesday to Friday 5:45PM to 7:45PM

£25 one off enrolment fee
Option 1 – Morning: £600 per year or £50 per month over 12 months
Option 2 – Evening: £500 per year

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