Quran Memorisation Course

Onsite Only

This course enables a student to memorise the entire Quran. There are classes for ladies and for children starting from the age of 7. Initially, students will learn how to read arabic fluently with tajweed along with memorising juz amma. Once they are ready to start the full hifdh, it typically takes 4 years if students follow the targets set. Children do this between the age of 9 and 13.

Primary aged students have age appropriate Islamic studies along with their Hifdh during the week. Secondary aged students have their Islamic studies on Saturdays along with 1 lesson of Hifdh. Apart from this, the remaining structure during the week is the same for all students. For those that have started memorising, the lessons are split into 3 parts; revision, recent revision and new memorisation. Depending on how much a student has memorised, they will be required to learn a set amount each day. For revision this will be between 1 quarter of a juz, up to 1 juz. For recent revision this will be between 4-7 sides. Finally for new memorisation it will be starting with 3 lines for beginners and up to 21 lines for those at the end of there Hifdh journey.

Qaidah: Level 1-13, Tajweed: Level 14-20, Juz ‘Amma, Quran
Memorisation: Essential Duas & Surahs Book 1 & 2, Entire Quran
Islamic Studies: Safar Academy Book 1-8, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Seerah, Tafsir, Hadith

Adult Hifdh (Sisters Only): Wednesday to Friday – 10:20AM to 1PM
Hifdh (Year 3 – Year 6): Monday to Friday – 4:30PM to 7:30PM
Hifdh (Year 7 – Year 10): Monday to Friday – 4:45PM to 7:30PM & Saturday – 12:30PM to 4PM

£25 one off enrolment fee
Adult Hifdh: £600 per year / £50 per month
Hifdh (Year 3 – Year 6): £900 per year / £75 per month
Hifdh (Year 7 – Year 10): £1,000 per year / £83.33 per month

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